‘Explore. Dream. Discover.’   – Mark Twain


At Londolozi there has always been an emphasis on family. Over the past century four generations have adventured, dreamed and discovered here. The bushveld of Londolozi is a wild wonderland, a child’s dream come true, and we delight in being able to share her secrets with the next generation.

The Londolozi Cubs programme ensures that everyday is filled with fun and fascination; and our ‘young rangers’ gain far more than just an understanding of their role in managing and conserving Africa’s incredible biodiversity. At Londolozi children learn about themselves, other people and cultures, about building friendships and trust, and about survival in the wilderness – every new skill equipping them for an abundant life.

The Londolozi Cubs Blog is an extension of the Cubs Den program and features online updates, quizzes, stories and images from the Londolozi Cubs Den.  Comment on fellow cubs stories, look at what activities are on offer and see if you can complete the fun quizzes we publish.  Even when you are not at Londolozi, you can still be a part of the Londolozi Cubs Den.

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