How Long Is A Giraffe’s Tongue?

Giraffe are very well known for their long necks, but did you know that they have a very long tongue as well? But just how long is it? And why does a giraffe need such a long tongue? Let’s find out. A giraffes tongue can get between 45cm – 50cm long (18 – 20 inches). […]

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Why Do Leopards Have Spots?

A question that has come up in our comment section is why do leopards have spots? So I thought this would be a great topic for the first blog of the year. The first thing to know is that leopards don’t technically have ‘spots’ they have markings called rosettes. This is because of the shape of […]

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How Did The Porcupine Get Its Name?

One of the rarest and special things to see while on safari is a porcupine, these spiky rodents live a nocturnal life which make them rather difficult to find. (nocturnal means to be active at night) There are many questions you could ask about these elusive creatures but the question we are asking this week […]

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Ostrich - Copy
Why Can’t Ostriches Fly?

A very rare thing to see here at Londolozi is our one and only female ostrich. When she is spotted a common question that is asked is: ‘why can’t she fly?’ It’s a very interesting question, why can’t this big bird fly? This week we are going to take a look at what is stopping […]

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My Two Weeks at Londolozi

For the last two weeks we have had a visitor here at Londolozi, Christina Nordgaard joined us for some time to see what life was like in the bush. During her two weeks she spent time in different departments throughout Londolozi, especially Cubs Den! So this week Christina is going to tell us a little […]

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