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Why Can’t Ostriches Fly?

A very rare thing to see here at Londolozi is our one and only female ostrich. When she is spotted a common question that is asked is: ‘why can’t she fly?’ It’s a very interesting question, why can’t this big bird fly? This week we are going to take a look at what is stopping […]

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My Two Weeks at Londolozi

For the last two weeks we have had a visitor here at Londolozi, Christina Nordgaard joined us for some time to see what life was like in the bush. During her two weeks she spent time in different departments throughout Londolozi, especially Cubs Den! So this week Christina is going to tell us a little […]

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Animal builders – Golden Orb Spider

Our list of amazing animal builders continues with the Golden Orb Spider! Personally I think these are one of the most beautiful spiders and that’s even before you see their fantastic webs. The golden orb produces some of the most impressive webs of all spiders, this is why they made it on to our animal […]

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Animal Builders – Termites.

Animals and insects have been building amazing structures long before any humans ever did, some of their building methods have even been used by humans. We have and can still learn so much from animal builders, so I thought we could have a look at some of the best animal builders out there. This week […]

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Birds with Fancy Feathers

One of my favourite things to do here in the bush is watch all the amazing birds that live around us. There are small ones, big ones, ones that fly very high and some that like to be on the ground. But one thing that all our flying friends have in common is their beautiful […]

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How do bees make honey?

Here at Londolozi we have our very own bee hives thanks to a man called Chris Gooodman and this is a very good thing indeed. Bees are very important for the pollination of all kinds of plants (pollination is to spread the pollen from one plant to another so as to make seeds) if there […]

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Top five baby animals on safari.

Everyone has their favourite animal or the animal they want to see most on safari, but lets face it everybody loves baby animals whatever they are. So we are dedicating the next five blog posts for a countdown of the top five baby animals in the bush and we’re not just talking about the cuteness. […]

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