How do bees make honey?

Here at Londolozi we have our very own bee hives thanks to a man called Chris Gooodman and this is a very good thing indeed. Bees are very important for the pollination of all kinds of plants (pollination is to spread the pollen from one plant to another so as to make seeds) if there [...]

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Top five baby animals on safari.

Everyone has their favourite animal or the animal they want to see most on safari, but lets face it everybody loves baby animals whatever they are. So we are dedicating the next five blog posts for a countdown of the top five baby animals in the bush and we’re not just talking about the cuteness. [...]

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Signs in the wild.

In our world we get lots of different signs, road signs, warning signs, signs that tell us which way to go or how to use things, even body language is a sign. We can tell people when we are happy, sad or angry with body signs, but we aren’t the only ones who have signs. [...]

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Why do leopards climb trees?

Anyone who has visited Londolozi will tell you that we have some of the best leopard sightings and one of the best things to see is a leopard up a tree. But why do they do this? The main reason for leopards climbing trees is protection! Protection of themselves and their food from other predators [...]

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Easter in the bush!

Easter has got to be one of the best times of year! But Easter in the bush is even more special, here in the Cubs Den we didn’t just have Easter Sunday we had an entire Easter weekend. This is what we got up to this Easter weekend in the Cubs Den: We definitely kicked [...]

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Why do lions roar?

One of the best things about living in the bush is lying in bed at night and listening to lions roaring in the distance. It’s one of the best sounds in Africa! Why do they do this? Lions often just lie and roar for ages, but for what reason? Let’s find out why this week! [...]

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How do impala survive?

The rangers have a joke about impala here at Londolozi, it is said that they are the McDonalds of the bush because they are preyed on by every large predator you can think of. They even have three black markings on their backside that look like a big ‘M’! But if this is true, then [...]

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Does the hyena have the strongest bite?

We recently had a family stay at Londolozi that had an amazing spotted hyena sighting, they happened upon a den and found pups that were only a few weeks old. This made me wonder about these misunderstood creatures and how often they are put in a very negative light, but for what reason? Personally I’m [...]

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What are the little five?

Everyone knows about the African Big Five, but did you know that there is the African Little Five as well? What are these amazing little creatures and how did they come about to be the smaller part of the five most famous animals in Africa? So if  the big five are the elephant, lion, buffalo, [...]

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Birds of Prey – Top 5 at Londolozi

The predators of the sky, birds of prey are birds that hunt and feed on other animals. They are some of the most powerful and graceful of all the birds and this week we are going to be learning something special about the top five birds of prey that can be found here at Londolozi. [...]

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Rhino Facts

These prehistoric looking creatures have always fascinated me, they are the soldiers of the bush felt. With their thick skin that looks like grey armour and their strong horns that seem like natural weapons. But even though they might look like grumpy, strong soldiers there is so much more to these amazing animals. So I [...]

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Why do Zebras have stripes?

We had a little boy named Tom stay at Londolozi with his family and his absolute favourite animal was the zebra. His first question about them was why do they have stripes? I thought that the answer to this question was definitely worth sharing! One of the most popular theories behind why zebras have black [...]

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