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by on May 3, 2012

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I am a massive fan of collective nouns, because they are very funny and there can be sooo many for the same animal. So today we are going to see how many of you know your collective nouns, just put the right number and letter together (e.g.: 1-a) in the comment section below:



Collective Noun                                                       Animal

1. Herd                                                                            a. of Lions

2. Journey                                                                      b. of Hippopotamuses

3. Clan                                                                            c. of Elephants

4. Pride                                                                           d. of Giraffes

5. Pod                                                                             e. of Hyenas

Now to have a little fun with these collective nouns, did you know you can also have:

an aggression of Hyena OR a Cowardness of Hyena OR a Cackle of Hyena


a Stretch of Giraffes OR a Totter of Giraffes OR a Tower of Giraffes


an Amok of Elephants OR a Destruction of Elephants OR a Memory of Elephants


a Kingdom of Lions OR a Lair of Lions OR a Stalk of Lions


a Huddle of Hippopotamuses OR a Wallow of Hippopotamuses OR a bloat of Hippopotamuses

Now that you have had a good giggle, lets see who can come up with their own funny collective nouns.

Teacher Cinzia

2 comment on “Collective Nouns”

    Sarah Gooley says:


    Teacher Cinzia says:

    Sarah! You are too good! Do you think you could come up with any of your own fun collective nouns? :)

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