Facts and Info about Elephants

by on May 28, 2012

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I love Elephants, they are extremely interesting and just because they are so big and unique, there are a lot of things people don’t know about them. Lets see:

Did you Know:

  • The African Elephant is the largest land mammal. It is also the animal with the longest teeth and nose and , and the largest ears and legs.
  • Although we only usually see their huge tusks, elephants in fact have 24 teeth, but they only have 4 teeth in their mouths at a time. These teeth are enormous – they are 30cm long and 10cm wide and each tooth weighs 4kg! When one set of 4 has worn away they fall out and are replaced by a new set (a bit like your milk teeth).
  • Just like we are left or right handed, elephants are left or right tusked, that is why one tusk is more worn that the other.
A herd of elephant walking, with the baby just learning to use it's trunk!

A herd of elephants walking and eating

  • Depending on the temperature, an elephant can drink between 100 and 300 litres of water per day, and daily produces about 110kg’s of dung as well as 50 litres of urine.
  • Elephants use their big ears to help cool themselves down. Flapping their ears helps the elephant get rid of heat through blood vessels that lie just under the skin. The ears’ large surface area causes blood to move faster, helping the animal to cool down.
An elephant with his ears out

An elephant with his ears out

  • Our hearts beat at about 72 beats per minute, an elephants heart beats between 22-28 times per minute!
  • The elephant and the crocodile cannot stick out their tongues!
  • The elephant has the largest brain of any land mammal, the bulls brain weighs between 4.2-5.4kg’s and the cow’s brain weighs between 3.6- 4.3kg’s.
  • The elephants trunk can be as long as 1.5m and weigh as much as 135kg. The trunk is so strong that that it can pick up objects weighing as much as 275kg. The trunk contains 16 large muscles and 150 000 groups of smaller muscles, but not a single bone! The trunk ends in 2 very sensitive tips which can be used to pick up a small blade of grass. The elephant can even pick up a coin from a flat surface with these tips, or break open a peanut shell.

Well I hope that I have taught you something that you didn’t know! Let me know any interesting facts that you have!

All these facts were found in a book called African Wildlife Trivia.

Teacher Cinzia

3 comment on “Facts and Info about Elephants”

    Rosie says:

    Thank you, there were a few things there that I didn’t know, very interesting about the size of the teeth.

    Teacher Cinzia says:

    I know! Can you imagine having teeth that weigh 4 kilograms!
    Glad to know that I taught you something new! :)

    Sheila says:

    Awesome blog. It’s always nice to learn new things. Thank you.

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