Guess The Animal

by on June 28, 2012

in Quizzes

Can you guess which animal this track and clever camouflage belong to?



Animal Camouflage

Animal Camouflage

Here is a clue:

They are much much taller than us (the tallest animal in the world!). Their favourite food is the thorny acacia tree! And drinking is not so easy for this animal because its neck is really long!

Did You Know?

  • This animal can clean its nose with its 21inch tongue!


5 comment on “Guess The Animal”

    Caroline McNinch says:

    Is it a giraffe?

    Coral Oiler says:

    I think it is a giraffe

    i think this animal is a elephant mixed with a cheetah and bird

    Teacher Emma says:

    Well done everyone! It is indeed a Giraffe! :)

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