Mud Fight

At Londolozi we recently had some very special boys join us in the Cubs Den! Jack and Luke Sullivan and Marc Mizne, between them, myself, Kerry (their camp manager) and Daniel (the ranger) we had an absolute ball!

We drove around to all the muddy pans we could find with a net and a frog’s book to see what we could catch, we even managed to get a baby Terrapin!

The baby terrapin

The baby terrapin

Also, Luke being a monkey tried to climb every tree he could find and we even got Jack in with a bit of team work!

Jack and Daniel climbing trees

Jack and Daniel climbing trees

Not to mention the hours we spent playing marco polo in the pool. But my favourite part of their trip (and everyone else’s too I think) was the MUD FIGHT!

Marc, Luke, Daniel, Cinzia and Jack in the mud

Marc, Luke, Daniel, Teacher Cinzia and Jack in the mud

Everybody wallowing like buffalo

Everybody wallowing like buffalo

Daniel and Luke pretending to be hippos

Daniel and Luke pretending to be hippos


Jack full of mud

Boys we cannot wait to have you back here again! Thanks for all the fun!

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One comment on “Mud Fight”

    Shane Sullivan says:


    Thank you for the wonderful post. You, Daniel and Kerry created memories that will last a life time. Luke and Jack regularly talk about the wonderful experience at Londolozi. I had to promise them both that when we go back to visit we will go to Londolozi . . . nowhere else.

    All the best to you,

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