What are you doing on Mandela Day?

by on July 14, 2012

in Londolozi Cubs

We have a very special day coming up, it is going to be Nelson Mandela’s birthday on the 18th of July! We at Londolozi are celebrating this tomorrow, where we are going to bring in 20 children from our local community (Justicia) and do 67 minutes of various activities with them! The idea of the 67 minutes is that Nelson Mandela gave 67 years of his life for his country and that we in turn should each give back 67 minutes within our own communities!

Here is a little clip on Mandela day…

I will update you all on what we did on Mandela Day, let us know what you are planning to do!

Teacher Cinzia

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2 comment on “What are you doing on Mandela Day?”

    Judy Guffey says:

    Going to spend 4 hours helping in s Ronald McDonald Family Room….a place of respite for parents of critically ill children in a local (Hawaii) hospital.

    Teacher Cinzia says:

    Judy that sounds like an amazing contribution! We are about to start our day here, we’ll keep you updated! :)

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