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1926 Body Range


Londolozi’s new signature body range was inspired by the seasonal bounty of untamed Africa and the sensuous allure of clean running streams. Set deep in the heart of 6 million hectares of wilderness Londolozi Private Game Reserve is a veritable floral hothouse in the rainy season. Says Londolozi’s owner and creator of the range, Shanny Varty:

“In spring the Wild Basil (Ocimum canum) puts out bursts of little fragrant flowers which attract throngs of bees and hundreds of bright bushveld butterflies. It’s the opulence of this annual floral spectacular which inspired the creation of a body range that would capture the magical and evocative place called Londolozi.”

At the heart of the bathing experience, since the first pioneering members of the Varty clan made landfall here in 1926, was the exotic languor of bathing on the banks of the Sand River. Here, where the river ran clear over submerged granite slabs, the soft white sand was used to purify and revitalise. The river was so clear and cool, so attracting, that it enticed the early pioneers into the domain of the crocodile and hippo for their evening baths.

Now nearly a century later the river and its wild inhabitants, fresh air, expansive vistas and Wild Basil plants that stretch across the bushveld are unchanged. However, smelling sweet is far more easily achieved. You simply slip into the double volume bath or choose between an indoor or outside shower in your luxurious riverside suites and indulge in the finest natural essences, captured in Londolozi’s avocado oil and pure essential oil body range.

Londolozi’s signature scent, 1926, is created with pure essential oils and is reminiscent of the grand genre of old fashioned cologne recipes, with big citrus aroma and earthy undertones that are both calming and uplifting. Avocado oil as a main ingredient is high in vitamins, A, D and E with wonderful emollient and collagen producing properties. Pure essential oil and herbal extract formulations have been designed to detoxify, refresh and balance the skin.

In harmony with the principles of working with nature and capturing the evocative scents of the savannah and grasslands, natural biodegradable ingredients and fragrances were sourced from the local region. The range is presented in deep amber glass vials, which are fully recyclable. Like everything about Londolozi the body range is refined, original and timeless. 1926 has captured the essence of Londolozi, a place of deep history and meditative luxury, merging senses and soul in a matchless wilderness experience.