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Full Circle

Dave Varty was a cricket-playing schoolboy of 15 when his father died. Less than two years later and with only R62 in the bank, he and his brother John started a business that would change the conservation landscape across the African continent.

In his quest to save the last remaining wilderness areas of Southern and East Africa, and to grow the reach of his ecotourism business, Dave learnt priceless life lessons. His has been a journey of discovery and rediscovery – bringing him full circle, from small family-owned and operated game lodges to tourism mogul and conservation kingpin, and now, finally, back to Londolozi, his original family farm.

With passion, hope and humour, Dave sweeps readers along his journey to find workable solutions for conserving wild spaces in a complex and crowded world. Part memoir, part motivational manifesto, The Full Circle reminds of us of the grit and determination required to follow your calling and the sacrifices needed to make the world a better place for wildlife and, ultimately, for mankind.

Full Circle has been ordered by Penguin US and is now available on Amazon.com.

Full Circle has also been nominated by the Sunday Times and has been put on the Longlist for the Alan Paton Litererary Award.