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  • Meet Londolozi's experienced rangers and trackers
  • Londolozi prides itself on our dedicated rangers and trackers
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Meet the Team

Londolozi Rangers

Rangers & Trackers

Game drives at Londolozi are taken by professional, passionate and knowledgeable rangers and trackers, who amongst them have a wealth of 350 years of experience. Trackers sit up at the front of the Land Rover looking for fresh animal tracks, while rangers drive with astonishing skill into ravines and through thicket in pursuit of elusive animals, simultaneously wowing guests with their outstanding knowledge and unforgettable stories.  Explore the faces of the Londolozi Field Team.

Londolozi Reservations Team

Reservations Team

There are many unsung heroes in the Londolozi Family and our reservations team must without a doubt, be some of them. These ladies work tirelessly to ensure that all guests visiting Londolozi are carefully booked into the lodge of their choice and given the unique safari experience that they are after..

Londolozi Kitchen

Londolozi Kitchen

Every guest who visits Londolozi will experience the flavor, taste and vibrant diversity of the cuisine prepared by the Londolozi kitchen. So who are these wonderful people who prepare, craft and present the sumptuous cuisine through the 5 Londolozi Camps?