• A curious imala spotted at Londolozi
  • Adorable lion cub at Londlolozi
  • Leapard staring out into the unknown at Londolozi
  • Go deep into the bush at Londolozi
  • Elephants in their natural habitat at Londolozi
  • Intention Circle at Londolozi
  • Family gathering at Londolozi
  • Family gathering at Londolozi
  • Family Gathering

Our Values

At Londolozi the Varty family values are everywhere in evidence; in the personalised service, the commitment to conservation, the ambience of simplicity and elegance, and naturally, in the welcome guests receive on arrival.

Socially, economically and environmentally responsible; Londolozi is a privately owned game reserve built on solid foundations and almost a century of family history; welcoming to all, exploring new frontiers and exceeding expectations.

True to its name Londolozi has become fertile ground for enkindling aspirations for a better future for all, for a planet abounding in open spaces, wild animals and people living together in dignity and harmony.

The Londolozi Intentions:

  • Redefine the essence of Safari to Africa
  • Build corridors of wildlife to the high rainfall mountain regions of South Africa which lie to the west of Londolozi and continue to campaign for more space for animals to roam freely
  • Seek greater reverence for our rivers from our country’s leaders
  • Create opportunity for relief from poverty for people who remain caught in the economic disempowerment trap caused by ill conceived land use practices
  • Contribute in a small way to the success of our country and her people
  • Be of service

The Londolozi values are perhaps most evident in the Learning Centre, where by promoting intrinsic values and the potential of every individual we promote the strength and viability of our business.

Ultimately, the sense of energy and enjoyment that pervades the camps arises from the Londolozi family’s shared values and belief that we are working towards something much bigger and better than a mere game lodge experience.