• The Londolozi family
  • Bring the whole family to Londolozi
  • Bring the whole family to Londolozi
  • Family time at Londolozi
  • Bring the whole family to Londolozi
  • Little ones are invited too!
  • Fun for everyone at Londolozi
  • The faces of Londolozi
  • Bring the whole family for the Londolozi experience
  • The whole family can have fun at Londolozi
  • Bring the whole family to Londolozi

The Londolozi Family

Perhaps the greatest learning is that life’s joys come from relationships and friendships, not from material things. The kitchens and courtyards of Londolozi resound with laughter; it is the spontaneous joy of those who are in the company of kindred spirits with whom they share a common vision.

Born from a diverse and rich tapestry of ancestry these different family groups are joined together through their commitment to Londolozi, protector of all living things. These family members, some of whom are third generation at Londolozi, work together in close proximity with one another, building a lifelong bond with colleagues and guests alike.

Dudu Madlope, Chef; “Londolozi makes me happy, I love this place.”

Sandros Sihlangu, Ranger; “This is my home, the people are my family, and this is what I am.”

Renias Mhlongo, Tracker; “Londolozi is my protector and is my father.”

Phanuel Ubisi, Butler; “Londolozi has given me a house, supported my family and children, and enabled me to give my family respect.”

Solly Mhlongo, Tracker; “Londolozi has helped my children to go to school and it has given me life experience in my work and personally.”

Cry Sithole, Camp Manager; “Londolozi is my family. It has helped me invest in my life.”

Thoko Mazibuko, Housekeeping; “The people of Londolozi are in my heart, they support me.”