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Good Work Foundation

To lead a focused, achievable and digitally-[em]powered education model for rural Africa. That is the mission of the Good Work Foundation (GWF) – a registered NGO that has been working with grassroots education in Africa since 2003.

Good Work Foundation (GWF) is committed to promoting advanced rural education in parallel with the formal educational structures in our area.  The GWF has recently embarked on a programme aimed at creating Digital Learning Centres in the neighbouring rural areas of Londolozi which promotes digital and english literacy, including instruction in a variety of practical skills training such as sewing and appropriate agriculture.  All GWF programmes instil, in the individual, core values such as ethics and environmental care.

The core objective of these Learning Centres will be to interface advanced learning techniques with rural students to provide unprecedented levels of digital excellence capability. To achieve this objective, GWF will draw on the ever improving world connectivity which is now available in all parts of Southern Africa.

The flexible structures of the Learning Centres will mean that they are able to adopt new teaching techniques and up to date information technology as soon as it becomes available.  The Learning Centres will, therefore, be nimble and able to provide curriculums for students drawing on the latest online educational information available around the world.  This innovative ‘leapfrog’ approach levels out the playing field for the possibilities of learning in rural Africa and is represented at specific Learning Centres, which you are invited to visit at your leisure.

To visit the Good Work Foundation website – CLICK HERE