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“Never forget that a small group of thoughtful people could change the world.  Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margeret Mead

‘Londolozi’ means Protector of all living things.  True to our values, we bring you a new frontier on the conservation offensive.  Two individuals from Londolozi came together with a mission to raise R 500 000 for an endangered species and for literacy, because ultimately, for us, Africa is about the fusion of people and animals and about reconnecting the human spirit back to the wilderness.

Our mission had three perfect outlets:

The Good Work Foundation - The Wildlife Act Fund Save the Rhino Trust

The 2012 Challenge was a 7-day grueling bicycle ride through the northern Namibian desert, known as the Damaraland….and WE DID IT!  In the last week of July we joined forces with 09 other cyclists, from the Safari and Travel industry, to brave 360 km of harsh desert conditions from the blistering midday heat to the icy nights sleeping in tents.  There was physical hardship as we negotiated extreme terrain from cobbled fields to steep mountain passes and luckily escaped our worst nightmare: chaff.   To get an idea of what the 2012 Challenge4aCause was all about, just watch the movie above.

Over R 500 000, which we raised from the event, is being used to energise these three causes as they continue their work in various parts of Southern Africa. Even though the 2012 Challenge4aCause is over, you can still join our mission by donating HERE