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There are around 5,000 black rhinos and less than 30 000 white rhinos left in Africa. In 2014 alone we lost over 10% of the population to poaching. Challenge4ACause is an annual mountain biking event that raises funds to protect the endangered species including remaining desert-adapted black rhinos in Damaraland, Namibia.

‘Londolozi’ means Protector of all living things.  True to our values, we bring you a new frontier on the conservation offensive.  The concept behind Challenge4aCause is simple: we invite customers, suppliers and staff members to participate, selecting 16 worthy riders from the pool of applications. The journey sees these lucky few negotiate 336 kilometers of the Damaraland desert – a region in Namibia renowned for its unforgiving terrain, low human population and the largest free-ranging desert-adapted black rhinos in Africa.

Challenge4ACause is more than a test of physical endurance; the driving force behind the initiative is a fierce loyalty to the cause. We also rely heavily on our philanthropic partners to help bolster the donations to a significant figure.

The Aim:

To raise R1 million for The Wildlife ACT Fund and the GWF.  The Wildlife ACT Fund is focused on endangered species protection including the desert-adapted black rhinos of the Damaraland region, while the GWF promotes digital learning in rural communities throughout South Africa.

GWFGood Work Foundation

  • Raised $ 1,4 million.
  • Four digital learning centres opened.
  • 1890 children and adults enrolled.
  • Teacher training for teachers at Khumbulani.



Wildlife Act Fund

  • 24 rhinos relocated.
  • 350 camera traps set.
  • 40 rhinos fitted with tracking transmitters.
  • 14 satellite packs on vultures.
  • 4646 hours spent teaching kids about conservation across 9 schools.



  • Only 15 slots available
  • To apply, email – liz@challenge4acause.org
  • Specify whether you wish to be with the advanced or regular riders
  • R50 000 per rider.
  • Deposit of R15,000 payable on confirmation that there is a place available, with the balance of R35,000 payable before 25 May 2015