• Elephant calves in the morning
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  • Lions appoach at Londolozi
  • Chase a rhino chasing a rainbow
  • Leopards family at Londolozi
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  • Intention Circle at Londolozi

Restoring Eden

The future of our planet hangs in balance

Bold action and a completely new way of doing things is required to change the course of destruction that mankind has set, before all true sense of wilderness is lost to us. At Londolozi, where the awesome power of nature’s abundance is so apparent, this change has already been set in motion.

The name Londolozi is derived from a Zulu word meaning “protector of all living things,” and it is this ambitious conservation ethic that informs every aspect of life at Londolozi. It underpins a holistic approach, ensuring not only that Londolozi has aesthetic appeal but also that we honour the dignity of all persons and all species.

Londolozi – where the land was thoughtlessly depleted in the first 75 years of the last century and has now been lovingly restored – is a microcosm of what is happening all over the world. It is clear that we are part of a web of global forces that are now at work to protect the planet for our great, great grandchildren.

All around us we see a growing commitment to protect those last precious remnants of Eden, wilderness areas that are home to an extraordinary wealth of biodiversity. We are heartened by the massive explosion in ecotourism and the expansion of game parks, signs of an inevitable dawning of a new age, the age of restoration and the return to Eden in South Africa.

4 Generations

The Varty family history goes back four generations when, in the fading evening light, after hours of bush walking, in the June of 1926, their grandfather arrived on the banks of the Sand River amidst a wild and untrammeled wilderness. He had come to discover his newly purchased cattle ranch which was bankrupt and filled with wild marauding lions that regularly killed the cattle.

It was here, four generations ago, that the Varty family restoration story began. Eight decades later that same ranch, now called Londolozi Game Reserve, has become the Icon Safari destination of South Africa. A quintessential example of a restored and enduring partnership with nature.

Situated in the heart of a six million acre transfrontier peace park (the largest in the world), Londolozi is now the crucible from which the fourth generation of Vartys, Bronwyn and Boyd, have conceived the idea to launch a global social networking movement born out of Africa, called Restoring Eden.

The Elephant Walk Safari

To celebrate the birth of this new global initiative Londolozi now offers guests the opportunity to participate in a private Elephant Walk Safari.  During the middle of the day, guests at Londolozi may choose to participate in this very unique and unusual personal experience. Your ranger will transfer you in air-conditioned luxury to walk with Tembo the Elephant at his home base in Hazyview, approximately one hour from Londolozi.

Tembo lives at Elephant Whispers in Hazyview.  He is a six ton bull elephant who has been appointed the global Ambassador to the Restoring Eden movement and you are invited to join him on a two hour walk, swim and lunch experience that you will never forget!!!

For more information contact reservations@londolozi.co.za or your African Travel Expert.