• Under the canopy at Londolozi
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  • An enchanted dinner under the stars
  • Magic and romance await you at Londolozi Game Reserve
  • A misty autumn morning at Londolozi
  • Go on a Londolozi safari
  • Go on a Londolozi safari
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  • Londolozi offers delicious meals
  • Delicious cheeseboard from the Londolozi kitchens.
  • The plunge pools at Londolozi overlook spectacular panoramas
  • Elephant calf hides behind mother at Londolozi

24 Hours On Safari

‘The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing knowledge.‘ – Albert Einstein

No two days are the same at Londolozi and every experience is tailor-made to suit individual preferences and expectations. However, there is a certain rhythm and pace to the experience that stirs a sense of homecoming on repeat visits and a pleasant sense of order for first time bushveld visitors.

Life at Londolozi is set by the seasons; the vegetation and the animal behaviour changing with the rains of summer and the chill of winter. What is unchanging is the warmth of your welcome by your camp manager and the opportunity to experience a deep and authentic connection with nature, something as rare as the land itself.

So, if you’re looking for a true journey, as the Swahili word Safari suggests, something extraordinary and of your own making, then our winter and summer calendars are tailor-made just for you.

Summer Schedule

  • 5:00 Rise and shine
  • 5:30 Sunrise Game drive
  • ±9:30 Breakfast
  • 10:30 Bush Walk
  • ±12:00 Yoga
  • 1:30 Lunch
  • 16:00 Afternoon Tea
  • 16:15 Sunset Game Drive
  • ±19:30 Dinner

The first step is to get into swing with the rhythm of nature. Rising with the dawn is a richly rewarding experience. Witnessing the start of the day in the African bush is like being invited to partake in a daily miracle. A dawn chorus of birdsong and the haunting calls of fish eagles, the air rich with the night flowers’ perfume and delightfully cool. By 07h30 that is all gone, the magic hours have flown and soon the animals will sink into the torpor brought on by the midday heat. So join that ever eventful early morning game drive at 05h30 fortified by our excellent private blend coffee.

On returning from the drive and restoring yourself with breakfast you can either retire to the cool sanctuary of your chalet or indulge a myriad of bushveld fancies. Visit Londolozi Activities for a complete selection.

In spring and summer the early evening air along the Sand River is often permeated with the scent of baked potato. Rather than emanating from the camp kitchen this comes from the tiny pinkish flowers clustered along the branches of a scrambling scrub called the Potato Bush. Breathe deep as this is the most distinctive of bushveld smells and will forever be associated with the delicious anticipation of your evening game drive.

Winter Schedule

  • 5:30 Rise and shine
  • 6:00 Sunrise Game drive
  • ±10:00 Breakfast/Brunch
  • 11:00 Bush Walk
  • ±12:00 Yoga
  • 15:00 High Tea
  • 15:30 Sunset Game Drive
  • ±19:00 Dinner

For centuries it has been common wisdom that the best time to explore the bushveld is in the cool, dry, winter months from April to September. The days are balmy and warm, the mornings crisp and clear and the bushveld a miracle of changing colours and unobstructed game viewing.

We encourage you to rise with the winter sun and join the early game drive. Your every sense will be rewarded. In the early dawn, you will hear the booming snorts of hippo and the lions who know better than any the riches of the night will still be afoot and vocal.

On returning from the drives and restoring yourself with breakfast you can either retire to the sanctuary of your chalet or indulge a myriad of bushveld fancies. Visit Londolozi Activities for a complete selection.

In the evening, your eyes are in for a feast as well. Drink in the winter skyline; looking out for those postcard images – the bare thorn tree standing stark against the shimmering red of the sinking sun as the black of night approaches from behind you.