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Honeymoon Safari

Africa… The very name of the continent is romantic.

One of the last wild places where the great herds of elephant still roam, where the night is sequined with a million stars and where lions may be found gliding across a clearing in the dawn light.

At Londolozi we have come to understand that safaris are not just enjoyable holidays but punctuation marks in the journey of life. We know Africa as a place where sunsets are intrinsically romantic and the awe of the wild makes for a thrilling feeling in the very marrow of our bones. It is against this backdrop of impossible wonderment that we launch the “Londolozi Honeymoon Experience”.

By combining pristine service and meditative luxury with an authentic wilderness adventure, Londolozi has set out to ensure that the honeymoon experience becomes the standout defining moment that will live in the hearts of newlyweds for the rest of time.

Pride of place is given to the game viewing vehicle, a one of a kind sturdy short wheelbase Land Rover, bedecked with a sumptuous safari couch for two. The newlyweds’ chariot awaits, along with a dedicated ranger, ensuring not only supreme flexibility in game drive arrangements – midnight or midday are equally possible – but also opportunity for extraordinary discoveries.The small vehicle can explore the hidden dells and secret places of Londolozi with great agility.

Private Granite Suites, play host to the couple – each suite is situated along the Sand River and includes an elegant sitting room and bedroom, glass encased en-suite bathroom, outdoor shower, heated swimming pool and, quite extraordinarily, a private outdoor river-view bath. The bath, spacious enough for two and positioned so that you feel the warm sun on your shoulders or see the moon river reflected at your feet, is in itself the ultimate honeymoon accessory.

In this intimate setting the newlyweds are invited to be co-creators of their safari experience, venturing beyond the classic interpretive game drive to explore bush yoga, meditative walks, animal tracking, champagne sunsets and full moon bush dinners, as well as the opportunity for wilderness couples massages on an elevated look out deck deep in the heart of the reserve.

Fully Included:

  • A Private Granite Suite
  • The Honeymoon Safari Land Rover with private guide and tracker
  • Personalised itinerary for each day
  • Private dinners
  • Romantic turn downs
  • A couples wilderness massage overlooking the Sand River
  • Wilderness picnics

We recommend a minimum 3 night stay