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STAR Retreat

A Self-Transformation Adventure Retreat


You’ve been following the rules all your life: in school, work, and relationships. But there’s a sense that you haven’t quite become all you’re meant to be. You feel your next steps must help heal not only you, but also other people and the world.

If this sounds familiar, join us for the African STAR (Self-Transformation Adventure Retreat). Spend a few delicious days in an intimate group of 12—being coached by Martha and Master Coach and tracker Boyd Varty—in one of the most magical places in the world: Londolozi Game Reserve, South Africa. In this enchanted environment, you’ll find that Nature has been waiting to show you the way to your peace, purpose, and power. I love leading the STARs, Londolozi is one of the most special places on Earth. I am transformed every time I go there and I’ve watched dozens of STAR participants experience the same transformation.

“[STAR] was about as close to heaven as I’ve ever been. The environment is purely natural but exquisitely elegant. The close-up experience with the animals is truly unfathomable. And the human experience of feeling totally at ease, accepted and nothing but love for those around me was pure bliss. Once I returned home it took me days to even turn the car radio on. The zen-like peace persisted and the work-a-day hustle and bustle was unfamiliar and difficult to adjust to. Things in my life took on different meaning because I had been somewhere where the elephants and leopards didn’t care what brand of shoes I was wearing or how much my jewelry cost. What mattered was simply what I was, my spirit, my energy.” Kym Hibbard

“My visit to Londolozi was a completely life-changing, transformative experience. I’ve never been to a more magical, spiritual place! The insights I achieved there allowed me to change my business model to bring in more rewarding clients, helped me ignite my ideas for a brand-new online venture—now thriving—and enabled me to weather the downturn in my industry with more equanimity. I am beyond grateful for such a rewarding brain re-boot!” Betsy Rapoport

“Working with Martha Beck always produces deep insight and change, but when you add the magic of Mother Africa into the mix, you’re in for quite an experience! The parallels between tracking wildlife and tracking my life’s purpose were profound. I returned from Londolozi with a clear sense of what needed to fall away from my life, and a renewed excitement to do my part in healing the world through my work.” Chris Brandt


What makes this trip extraordinary?

Aside from a coaching intensive like no other, the centerpiece of the STAR experience is Londolozi itself. The managers of Londolozi set out to “Restore Eden” (the very word Londolozi means “protector of all living things”). The spirit and feeling of this location are completely indescribable–that’s why we’re inviting you half way around the world to experience it for yourself. The animals seem to be affected by this ambience; they respond to humans in ways that are almost nurturing, always enlightening, and different from similar encounters even in other African locations. This is simply like no other place on earth.


$11,800 double occupancy (If you’re traveling singly, we’ll find you a roommate.)

$16,800 single occupancyx

Space is limited to no more than 12 people, depending on occupancy requests.


Valerie Wilson Travel Inc. has extensive experience helping travelers visiting Africa and Londolozi. If you would like their assistance in making travel arrangements, contact Alicia Diez at 212-592-1203 or aliciad@vwti.com.


*Note: Air travel and gratuities are not included in the registration fee.

For more information or to request a free mp3 recording of a STAR information call led by Martha Beck, please email AfricanStar@marthabeck.com.