About the Leopards of Londolozi

The Leopards of Londolozi are primarily descendants from various different lineages. The most prominent lineage comes from the Mother Leopard, the first leopard properly seen on Londolozi in the late 1970′s and with whom John Varty spent twelve years filming and documenting. Other noteable lineages include the River Female lineage, Saseka Female lineage and Sunsetbend lineage.

Rich Laburn Vomba-young-Female-Walking-Sunlit

The Vomba 3:3 Young Female

There are also leopards present who do not form part of any recorded lineage at Londolozi. Owing to the dynamic nature of leopard populations and their territorial behaviour individual animals have a tendency to move around into ares where they can secure a territory for themselves. On occassions this means they move away from Londolozi, whilst at times new leopards will move into it, thus enhancing the gene pool of leopard populations in general.

In the below set of interviews, John Varty (JV) explains his relationship with 3:4, her behaviour over almost two decades as well as an insight in the various dynamics that make the Leopards of Londolozi so unique.