3:4 Female


3:4 Female's Territory

Date of Birth: August 1992
Mother: Tugwaan Female

1995 – Nottens Female and Xivati
1998 – Dudley Riverbank Female and Newington Male
2007 – Sunsetbend Young Female Dependent
2009 – Adopted Dudley Riverbank 4:3 Young Male

General: The leopard that stole the hearts of guests, rangers and trackers. The last remaining 3rd generation descendent of the Original Mother Leopard. 3:4 exceeded all expectations of longevity creating life changing memories for more than 17 years.

In the twilight of her life, 3:4 betrayed all conventional understanding of leopard behaviour by adopting the offspring of her own offspring - Dudley Riverbank Female, who in the confusion of a hyena attack, abandoned one of her male cubs. Too vulnerable to fend for itself, 3:4 took the small leopard into her custody.

Once the male reached the age of independence, he remained at the side of 3:4, possibly returning the act of kindness she had so selflessly shown in his infancy. Ironically, by sharing his kills, 3:4 Young Male as he became known, ended up providing for 3:4 during her times of vulnerability.

John Varty, the co-owner of Londolozi affectionately named her “Manana” meaning the mother in Tshangaan. Every opportunity John had during her 17 years on Londolozi, he would spend at this leopard’s side. He fell in love with this leopard and in return, it would seem she developed an incredible trust for John. She will forever be remembered as the leopard that changed the relationship between man and leopard.

Guests and past rangers flew into Londolozi in July 2009 to pay their last respects to the much adored predator who died in August 2009.

3:4 Female by: Cameron Apple

3:4 Female by: Cameron Apple

3:4 Female's Family Tree

3:4 Female

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1 Sepp Disch April 14, 2011 at 2:31 am

This leopards of londolozi concept is a fantastic initiative and one that has helped me understand the territories and lineages of all these fabulous animals. Thank you so much. Well done.


2 Hakim Osman July 2, 2011 at 6:35 pm

You should make a page for Xivati


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