Dudley Riverbank 3:3 Female


Dudley 3:3 Female's Territory 2011

Date of Birth: September 1998
Mother: 3:4 Female
Sibling: Newington Male

2002 – 2 Cubs – Both cubs died, one killed by a leopard
2004 – 2 Cubs – Both cubs killed by Sparta pride
2005 – 2 Cubs – Both presumed dead
2006 – 2 Cubs – Dudley Riverbank 4:3 Young Male and Dudley Riverbank 5:5 Young Male both independent.  5:5 adopted by 3:4 Female.
2009 – 2 Cubs – 1 killed by hyena off Mad Elephant Pan rd in Sept 2009.  3:3 Young Male survived and is reaching independence.

One of the great-grand-daughters of the famous Mother Leopard, and sister of the Nottens Female, she holds territory in the south and east of the reserve, west of the Sand River. She has produced ten cubs since her first litter in 2002, but only two have reached independence. Remarkably, one cub was adopted by her mother, the 3:4 Female. Having lost eight cubs in eight years, the Dudley Riverbank female is a relatively anxious mother. Her poor success rate is mainly due to the dense lion and hyena populations in the area; nevertheless, her territory overlaps that of the father of her present cub (the Short Tail Male), which reduces the risk of it being killed by rival males. Furthermore, the thick foliage provides her with the necessary cover to hunt as well as to conceal her cub. This dense vegetation makes sightings of her and her cub that much more special for guests and rangers alike.

Could Dudley Riverbank 3-3 Young Male, son of Short-Tail Young Male be the second of her offspring to be raised by her to independence in an area of the reserve with a particularly high hyena density?

Dudley Riverbank 3:3 Female

Dudley Riverbank 3:3 Female

Dudley Riverbank 3:3 Family Tree

Dudley Riverbank 3:3 Family Tree

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