Nottens 5:5 Female


Nottens 5:5 Female's Territory 2011

Date of Birth: October 1995
Mother: 3:4 Female
Sibling: Xidulu Male

1998 – 2 Cubs – Both females reached independence
2001 – 2 Cubs – Both cubs lost
2002 – 2 Cubs – Both cubs lost
2003 – 2 Cubs – Uncertain if made it to independence
2005 – 2 Cubs – One taken by Martial Eagle
2008 – 2 Cubs – Both Lost

Alias: Shaws Female

The sister of the Dudley Riverbank Female was born in October 1995 which makes her the oldest territorial female on the reserve.  The majority of her life has been spent in a territory south of her mother, the 3:4 Female, in the south east corner of Londolozi and Sabi Sabi.  For this reason she has been viewed much less than other leopards in the reserve.

She was spotted in October 2009 watching Short Tail Male mating with Xidulu female, patiently waiting for the mating pair to finish before appraoching the male straight afterwards to be mated with.  Interestingly she was lactacting heavily around December 2009 and it was believed she had produced cubs and was denning them around Python Rock, a popular den-site utilized by her mother.  This litter was thought to have been born around New Year 2010 but was never seen.  She was seen mating with the Camp Pan Male in February, August and twice with the Short Tail male in September. Unfortunately all these attempts to conceive appear to have been unsuccessful.

The interesting question which remains is whether this old leopard will be able to produce one final litter at the age of 15 and a half.

Nottens 5:5 Female by: Cameron Apple

Nottens 5:5 Female by: Cameron Apple

Nottens 5:5 Family Tree

Nottens 5:5 Family Tree

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1 James T July 10, 2011 at 4:40 pm

Seen a few days ago hunting impala on the burnt area in the South-West of Londolozi. Left moving North into the block east of Weaver’s Nest.


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