Mangeni 2:3 Male


Mangeni 2:3 Male's Territory 2010

Date of Birth: June 2000
Mother: Mangeni Female
Father: Tugwaan Male

Alias: Beaumont’s Male, Sand River Male

Unique Characteristics: Two horizontal rows of spots on forehead and a kink in his tail.  Two slits in his tongue.

General: Like the Maxabeni 2:2 Female, he is a descendent of the Mangeni Female and fathered by the Tugwaan male, Mangeni Male was born in June 2000 north west of Londolozi and became independent in 2002.

Initially he was a very aggressive leopard like his father but seems to have relaxed substantially.

He holds a large territory in Sabi Sabi south of our boundary, however a portion of that territory lies in the very south of Londolozi, south and west of Short Tail Male’s territory. Due to the distance of his territory from Camp, this big male leopard is not seen very often on Londolozi.

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