Sunsetbend 2:2 Female


Sunsetbend 2:2 Female's Territory 2009/10

Date of Birth: December 1992
Date of Death: April 2010
Mother: Tugwaan Female

1997 – 1 Cub – Vomba Female
1999 – 3 Cubs – Campbell Koppies Female
2001 – 3 Cubs – Xidulu Female and Ravenscourt Female
2005 – 2 Cubs – Presumed Dead
2006 – 2 Cubs – Sunsetbend 2:2 Young Male, one killed by Sparta Pride in 2008
2007 – 2 Cubs – Female reached independence but still hanging round Sunsetbend Female

Alias: Ngoboswana


Since the death of 3:4 female in September 2009, Sunsetbend female has become the grand mother of leopards of Londolozi. The splendid queen of leopards has produced a progeny of stunningly beautiful leopards all sharing her characteristically dark golden coat.

Since December 1997 she has produced 6 litters of 14 leopards altogether. Her successful offspring include Vomba female – the centerfold of leopards – who holds territory along the Sand River around Londolozi Lodge, Campbell Koppies female who holds territory east of Londolozi and Xidulu 2-3 Female who successfully holds territory to the north and east of her mother’s previous territory around Sunsetbend Road along the eastern Maxabeni River.

Her characteristically large tracks would proudly called in by the Londolozi trackers with excitement revealed by that African smile which overflows with happiness! SUNSETBEND!! She is still alive!

Her last litter of October 2007 produced a female leopard who has reached maturity but is often still seen around her mother. Interestingly, Sunsetbend Young Female was seen mating with Short Tail Male in the beginning of 2010.

This elderly female died  in April 2010 and this is the last footage filmed of her on Londolozi.

Sunsetbend Female will always be remembered as the grandmother of the richly golden coated leopards.

Sunsetbend 2:2 Female by: Gavin Lautenbach

Sunsetbend 2:2 Female by: Gavin Lautenbach

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1 Greg February 16, 2012 at 7:32 am

Hi, through communication on Face book it has been established that Ravenscourt Female comes from a female in the west, she does have the same spot pattern and golden coloured coat which is what caused the confusion, the first time we saw this leopard after a long period she was seen coming out of the Moodies area and we made the assumption it was the daughter of Sunsetbend. We also believe that Mala mala removed this leopard as she spent a great deal of time in camp? Wimps!!!! The Mala Mala Rangers also do not believe Sunsetbend was the Tugwaan’s daughter.


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