Vomba 3:2 Female


Vomba 3:2 Female's Territory

Date of Birth: December 1997
Mother: Sunsetbend Female

2003 – 2 Cubs – One killed at 3 months by hyena.  The other, Vomba Young Female, is independent.
2004 – 2 Cubs – Both killed.
2005 – 2 Cubs – Litter disappeared
2006 – 2 Cubs – Male is unrelaxed and the other, Vomba 4:3 Young Female is independent
2008 – 2 Cubs – Presumed dead
2008 – 1 Cub – Mashaba 3:3 Female
2009 – Presumed to have cubs around Pioneer Camp. Litter was never seen, believed to have been lost.
Mated with Tyson Male shortly afterwards and again with him in October 2010.

Regarded by many as the most beautiful leopard at Londolozi. Her splendid golden coat, majestic size and elusiveness make her one of the most sought after sightings. Although her territory envelopes the Londolozi lodges, she is not seen frequently as she spends most her time hunting in dense growth along the Sand River.

The oldest offspring of the Sunset Bend Female, she has produced eleven of her own cubs but only two of these have remained on Londolozi. The Tutlwa 4:3 Female, from her 2006 litter, and the the Vomba 3:3 young female currently establishing her own territory in the eastern corner of her mother’s. Now, at over 14 years old she, amazingly, continues to produce litters of cubs.

According to the textbooks mating whilst having dependant offspring is unheard of, but, Vomba consistently mated throughout the latter portion of 2009 and 2010. Vomba was seen lactating early in 2010, although the litter is assumed to have been lost because she was seen mating again shortly thereafter. She mated with the Marthly Male and Camp Pan in March, May and October of 2010.

The October mating has been successful as she was seen heavily lactating in January 2011. Sadly she lost the cubs to the rising Sand River and in mid 2011 she mated with the Dudley 5:5 Male and the Camp Pan Male to produce her latest set of cubs and extending the Sunsetbend dynasty.

Despite her misfortune with litters of cubs, Vomba is an incredibly efficient hunter and has been known to hunt a variety of prey species ranging from antelope to scrub hares to rock pythons.

In June 2011, the Vomba Female mated with the Dudley Riverbank 5:5 Male. She gave birth to cubs a few months later, however these cubs have only been seen briefly as she has kept them hidden in the reeds amongst the Sand River.

The Vomba female is an incredible and extremely successful hunter. With over 14 years experience, she is widely revered as one of Londolozi’s most beautiful and effective female leopards.

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1 James H April 22, 2011 at 5:25 pm

We had a fleeting glimps of arguably the most beautiful leopard at Londolozi on the cutline this morning. So typical of her to vanish as quickly as she appeared. She looked in good health despite appearing to be hungry. She must be desperate to mother another set of cubs after her last few failed attempts.


2 James T May 24, 2011 at 9:19 am

Seen interacting with Dudley Riverbank 5:5 male this morning. She has been seen mating with him in the last few days, but being in what is arguably the twighlight of her career, it remains to be seen wether she has it in her to conceive and raise another set of cubs.


3 James T June 20, 2011 at 4:39 am

Seen interacting with the Maxabene 3:2 young male yesterday evening in the Mbabala drainage just west of camp. Viewed walking through the camp itself a bit later on after dark.


4 James June 22, 2011 at 10:33 am

Seen hunting east of Taylors Dam yesterday. She’s looking hungry and making a habit of spending time between taylors dam and then heading east towards the cutline. Still as beautiful as ever.


5 James T July 10, 2011 at 4:45 pm

Found in the Sand River 100m NW of Pioneer Camp this afternoon feeding on an impala carcass. Ranger Talley Smith and tracker Milton Khoza followed up on a drag-mark heading down into the thicket from Taylor’s Dam…


6 James T July 22, 2011 at 11:20 am

Seen at least four times in the last week, the Vomba female continues to provide us with great sightings. She was even observed heading into the Manyelethi River from just east of Manyelethi Lookout, which is north of where she typically has her territory.
However, no sightings of the territorial Nyelethi 4:4 female in the last few months has led to speculation that she may have been killed or at least have moved out of the territory, which may explain why Vomba 3:2 is moving northwards, possibly trying to extend her territory.


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