Mashaba 3:3 Female


Vomba 3:3 Young Female's Territory

Date Of Birth: September 2008

: Vomba 3:2 Female

: Camp Pan 4:3 Male


Mashaba 3:3 Female is the fourth daughter of the Vomba 3:2 Female and will hopefully ensure that the line of the Sunset Bend Female and her trademark rich golden coat continues into the foreseeable future.

The Mashaba Female is potentially the future queen of Londolozi. Despite her immaturity she has excelled since becoming independent in October 2010. What this beautiful leopard lacks in size she more than makes up for in tenacity. We have witnessed this amazing leopard harassing hyenas more than twice her size, stealing kills from other larger leopards and at the tender age of 28 months establishing a territory in the heart of Londolozi.

In years to come she will undoubtedly become world renowned for her hunting capabilities. During a stormy night in December 2010 she killed an impala ewe and two impala lambs in a matter of hours. Ranger and trackers were dumbfounded to discover the trees on Vomba crest littered with impala carcasses on morning drive once the storm had passed.