Tutlwa 4:3 Female


Tutlwa 4:3 Female's Territory 2011

Date of Birth: February 2006
Mother: Vomba 3:2 Female
Sibling: Vomba Young Male 2006

2009 – 1 Cub – Still dependent around Taylors Crossing/Manghen Donga

Tutlwa, the daughter of Vomba and the grand-daughter of the Sunset Bend Female, has set up territory to the west of the Londolozi camps, both north and south of the river. She bore her first offspring in August 2010, fathered either by the Camp Pan Male (her own father) or the Marthly Male. Being her first litter, the Tutlwa female was extremely secretive and kept this single cub well concealed. However, it seems that this cub fell prey to another predator, or may have been drowned due to flooding of the den close to the Sand River. The Tutlwa female, like her mother, holds prime territory at Londolozi including a few kilometres of river frontage and access to potential prey is plentiful.

The Tutlwa female gave birth to two cubs in the middle of 2011. Currently only one cub has survived and is seen moving around with his mother.

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1 James T July 22, 2011 at 11:24 am

Found last week by ranger Tom Imrie and tracker Jeremiah Hambana, the Tutlwa female definitely has a cub. Observed fleetingly only once or twice in the last few months, sightings or even evidence of this cub have been as rare as snow in the Sahara, and so last week when the Tutlwa female was known to have a kill close to the river, hoisted in a jackalberry tree, videographer Richard Laburn went to sit patiently with her, hoping to catch a rare glimpse of her youngster. After a couple of hours his patience was rewarded and he was able to capture some video footage of the cub, which can be seen on the blog under July’s entries.


2 James T July 22, 2011 at 11:26 am

As an after, the cub which is referred to above is a new one. She unfortunately lost her previous cub which was documented at the end of last year, and which is shown in the above video.


3 James Tyrrell September 15, 2011 at 6:29 pm

It has been confirmed that the Tutlwa female infact has 2 cubs, one male and one female. Both have been seen by trackers on a couple of occasions, but until a few days ago we believed that at least one had eben killed, and possibly the second by wild dogs.
However, ranger Melvin Sambo and tracker Milton Khoza found both the mother and her two cubs three nights ago on the southern side of the Sand River, all loking very healthy.


4 Bruce Finocchio April 23, 2012 at 4:58 am

For me the most beautiful leopard in Londolozi is the Maxabeni Female… but I was there in Londolozi in Sept 2005, before the Tutlwa Female was born… but from the pictures, I still think Maxabeni Female is more beautiful…and as I have said before, the most spiritual animal I encounter in Africa.


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