Xidulu 2:3 Female


Xidulu 2:3 Female's Territory 2011

Date of Birth: November 2001
Mother: Sunsetbend Female

2006 – 2 Cubs – 1 Died, the Xidulu Young Male dispersed
2007 – 1 Cubs – Xidulu 3:4 Young Male has moved off property
2009 – 3 Cubs – Denning East of our boundary

Alias: Kikilezi Female

General: Most territorial leopards in Londolozi are named after the territories that they hold, as we believe affectionate names allocated to a wild leopard in a way detracts from the wildness of the leopard. This female leopard, the daughter of Sunsetbend female, is named Xidulu which means termite mound in Shangaan and is named after the road found in the East of Central Londolozi.

Her territory spans Londolozi across to our Eastern neighbours, where she is called the Kikilezi Female.

She was seen south of her territory in an exceptionally interesting sighting, where she was spotted mating with Short Tail Male in October 2009.However they were not alone –  a territorial leopard from the South east of the reserve (also outside her territory) called Nottens sat watching the mating activity patiently waiting her turn to mate with the dominant male. Xidulu was fortunate enough not to suffer the same fate as Nottens whose litter failed, but Xidulu produced a litter of 3 cubs at the beginning of 2010 and has denned the young leopards east of our boundary.

Hopefully once the leopard cubs grow a little older and become a little more adventurous she will spend more time back on Londolozi property and provide for some incredible sightings west of the boundary line.

In her short life she has been a relatively successful mother having produced 3 leopards, 2 of which were successfully raised to maturity. Xidulu 3-4 Young Male dispersed midway through 2009 has been seen in Singita to the west of Londolozi, as well as being seen in the North Eastern corner of Londolozi where he hoisted a kuku calf in a Marula tree.

His father was Manyelethi Male (knicknamed Paleface) who sadly died in Sepember 2009 in a tragic turn of events. It was decided by our Eastern neighbours that he should be relocated to the Eastern Cape. During the relocation exercise he was diagnosed as having tuberculosis and consequently was put down at the age of 12 years.

Xidulu 2:3 Female

Xidulu 2:3 Female

As a result of this death, the natal area of this young male leopard is now a territorial boundary between Camp Pan Male and Short Tail Male – a hostile area for him to spend time. It would seem likely that sightings of this male may be very few and far between in the future.

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