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How do you even begin to share a conservation journey of almost 100 years? A journey that, by the year 2026 will grant us access to the centenary club. A journey of heart, mind, earth, body, spirit, sentient beings, rivers, leopards, rhinos, and everything in between. A journey that meant that sometimes we got lost or made mistakes and sometimes we found new territories and untouched potential. A journey from a family business, to a corporate expansion and back to a family business that relies on the essence of kinship to keep people connected to a common purpose to accelerate the awakening of humanity in partnership with nature.

How do you explain the level of gratitude to the many teachers, guides, staff, experts who have lent their time, knowledge and passion to this incredible adventure?

How do you explain using words something that can only really be felt, and in fact exists in the wordless space of experience?

This is the challenge that lies before us. 

We invite you to explore Londolozi's impact journey from 1926 to 2026... 

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