Londolozi Village Life

Creating a Futuristic African Village

At Londolozi, we believe in the village as the best and most sustainable way to live. We are passionate about the hardware of the village, the use of technology and systems to support sustainable living.

We also believe in the village as a philosophy of togetherness: what we call the heartware of the village. Our village community supports an atmosphere that allows each person to be the fullest expression of themselves.

As we work on the 2020 vision of our own village, we also aim to create a blueprint for modern-day villages all over the world. We want to seed our vision in all those we encounter and in this way contribute to a new iteration of the conservation development model that incorporates the village. We see that with a greater reverence for the earth comes a greater reverence for each other. People become united in their common cause and vision, and the energy created flows outward into sustainability and profitability for everyone.

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