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Empowering Individuals Towards Changing Communities


Our vision is to lead a sustainable model of learning that can be introduced to rural African communities. The model will focus on delivering digital-era literacy education and career training via community-driven digital learning centres of excellence.

The centres need to be digitally-powered and online, allowing rural communities access to world-class education and cutting-edge technology.

We want to see rural African learners immersed in high impact learning experiences that are presented as they would be in the world’s most technologically advanced classrooms.

The Good Work Foundation has the following main focuses:

  • To identify latent talent in the learners in our communities by providing workshops, career guidance and extra classes, and to then grant bursaries for them to study further.
  • To work alongside existing educational institutions and assist in providing extra classes, workshops and learning interventions.
  • To extend our literacy training (English, Computer, Environmental and Financial to adults in our area).
  • To assist with educational infrastructure where the need arises.

How can you help?

If you are interested in contributing to an educational revolution in rural Africa, contact the Good Work Foundation to donate or learn more about their projects.

Kate Groch:

Simply make an online donation of any amount through our donation platform – Good Work Foundation

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