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Simply Sophisticated

Bear in mind that you should conduct yourself in life as at a feast Epictetus (55AD – 135AD)



We consider superb African cuisine to be an essential part of the Londolozi experience as well as a vital component of our philosophy. Much of the day revolves around specifically crafted culinary delights along your safari experience. Start your morning off with morsels on the game drive as we go in search of Africa’s finest wildlife. Before heading back to your camp to enjoy a fortifying breakfast followed by a delectable lunch. To bring the day to a close we have an indulgent high tea, as an appetiser before the evening game drive that includes sundowner treats. After the game drive we then sit down for a traditional fireside banquet or you could choose a private dinner to enjoy the tranquility of Londolozi. Safari cuisine is a key component to your experience. 



Ethically Decadent Cuisine

The choice of ingredients reflects our efforts to establish a respectful relationship with the planet. Every ingredient we use is chosen with care, favouring home grown organic produce, free range game, and herbs from our kitchen garden to create dishes that are irresistibly delicious and healthy. Our selection of seafood is guided by the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative and the number of imported ingredients is kept to a minimum. Something that you can be certain of while enjoying the cuisine while on safari at Londolozi is that our choices are all ethical and in line with our efforts to conserve the world that we treasure.



Londolozi Safari Recipes

We take great pride in the recipes for our safari cuisine; from the family recipes that have been handed down from Varty family generations to the incredible meals that are created in the Londolozi Kitchen. The various dishes and refreshments that you enjoy while on safari are all made with love and kindness in the spirit of Londolozi. Guaranteeing the finest safari cuisine.


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