As Londolozi enters its 10th decade of safari, we believe more than ever in honouring the ancient ways. 

We believe in a vitality that comes from being in harmony with the rhythms of nature. 

We believe that it is time to create a space to allow wilderness to be the source of wellness.


Here, at Londolozi Healing House we simply rediscover what it means to be human, what it means to be part of the natural world… 

More than anything, it is a place of remembering. 

It is a shift from the world of doing to the world of being.  

It is a chance to re-discover your own nature - To tap into a deep natural intelligence in the still core of your own wild self. 


Going beyond the conventional spa, we combine artful resting, curated bodywork, yoga and the expansive wilderness of Londolozi. 

We have crafted an experience for true rejuvenation, restoration and transformation. 


Healing House is a calling to the seekers of nature. 

You’re invited to reconnect… join us

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