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Treasures from around Africa

The Shangaan people of this area have long believed in the spiritual powers of a local tree known as the Buffalo Thorn (Ziziphus mucronata). One such belief is that a branch has the power to transport the spirit of a person from one place to another – usually back to his or her home. It is this idea which lies at the heart of the Londolozi Safari Boutique, where every artefact and detail carries the essence of this place and is a reflection of what Londolozi holds most dear.

Many of our signature pieces are one-of-kind creations made at Londolozi and have been personally selected so that each artefact is, in itself, a story.  There is also a carefully selected collection of art and wildlife reference books, personal biographies and world famous wildlife bronze sculptures. All of these bespoke, hand-picked items can be wrapped and/or shipped to your guest’s home address upon request.

The Living Boutique at Londolozi Game Reserve


The Photographic Studio

The Photographic Studio, on location at Londolozi, is very popular with Londolozi guests, who are able to direct and produce their own creative work with safari camera gear. With tuition from a qualified Lightroom instructor, you can spend time between game drives editing and printing your best safari shots on wide-format canvas or high quality photo paper, along with the final edited shots on a memory stick. 

Londolozi Photographic Studio at a Glance

  • Open daily (booking required)
  • Edit your images using Lightroom CC on the latest widescreen retina display iMacs - an incredible process that would enhance any wildlife photo
  • Print your personal images onto wide-format canvas or photo paper 
  • Take your edited shots with you on a memory stick

For more information on Photographic Safaris at Londolozi click here.

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