A few years ago, gathered around a winter campfire, the leaders of the Londolozi vision asked a new question: Where do ‘innovation’ and ‘technology’ fit into ‘safari’? In what ways can we thoughtfully deliver our guests a variety of enhanced experiences in the African wilderness?  After a number of pilot projects (which included the development of our first electric Land Rover & the specialised photographic safari vehicle) we are thrilled to be able to offer a handful of one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge safari experiences.

“Londolozi is now considered one of the top locations for wildlife photography in the world. Big Cats, incredible light, diverse scenery and a plethora of African wildlife are just a few of the photographic opportunities that will come the way of guests visiting.”

Since the early 70’s Londolozi has been responsible for some of the top wildlife documentaries featured on Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Animal Planet to mention a few.  This passion for storytelling runs in Londolozi’s DNA and now, for the first time, the Londolozi guests are invited behind the scenes to the  on-site Photographic Studio where they themselves can create their own unique stories and magic.


Rent Photographic equipment

The Photographic Studio does not just stop at post production as it also offers guests a multitude of professional level photographic bodies, lenses and accessories to rent. Gone are the days of lugging heavy camera gear throughout your international travel, now it’s as simple as pre-booking your gear and finding it ready for use upon your arrival at the lodge.

Alternatively, first time photographers can also try out the latest telephoto lens and body setups simply by requesting the equipment when at the lodge. If you want to capture a close-up of a leopard in a tree, a fish eagle in flight or zebras grooming one another, the Photographic Studio has the right lenses for the perfect shot.

To view the range of equipment that is available, CLICK HERE.  For any questions regarding photographic hiring please email: photography@londolozi.co.za


The Photographic Studio

Upon returning from morning game drives, guests at Londolozi can now visit the on-site Photographic Studio where they receive one-on-one post production tuition and have the opportunity to print their images on wide-format canvas. In addition the Photographic Studio also offers guests a multitude of professional level photographic bodies, lenses and accessories to rent. Gone are the days of lugging heavy camera gear throughout your international travel, now it’s as simple as pre-booking your gear and finding it ready for use upon your arrival at the lodge.

Londolozi Photographic Studio at a Glance:

  • Open from 10:00 – 16:00 daily (Booking required)
  • All photographic equipment can be pre-ordered and will be waiting in your suite upon arrival
  • Edit your images on the latest widescreen retina display iMacs using Lightroom CC
  • Print your personal images onto wide-format canvasses from A4 – A0

The Private vehicle

A private safari vehicle can be reserved for individuals and families. A dedicated ranger and tracker team will focus on tailoring the safari experience around the guest’s specific needs and interests (e.g. birding, botany, big cats, etc.). This is ideal for experienced safari-goers or those who enjoy a little more privacy.


  • One morning and one afternoon game drive per day
  • A dedicated ranger and tracker team

The Private Land Rover with Photographic Tutor

Over and above the natural photographic talent of the majority of our rangers, a small group of our team are highly regarded photographers (you might call it a ‘hazard’ of the trade). Not only do we pair you with one of these photographic rangers but we also bring in a professional photographic guide who is required to be your private photographic instructor and their mission is to deliver an enjoyable adventure that challenges guests to take great pictures in Africa. They are able to guide you out in the field, but are also experts in post-processing and editing.

To guide a Specialised Photographic Safari at Londolozi you need a deep knowledge of all the latest digital editing and photographic equipment.  The specialist ranger/guide is required to be both a game ranger and photographic instructor and his mission is to deliver an enjoyable adventure that challenges guests to take great pictures in Africa.

The selected specialist tracker is an important member of the team and brings with him a deep ancestry which is connected to the ancient wisdom of the area. Built into his DNA are all the skills needed to seek out the elusive cats and get you into position to make the “hero” shot. The tracker’s role is to read the language of the land and guide you to the action. He is a vital link in achieving a successful photographic safari.

Finally this Specialised Photographic Safari takes place on the ancient vibrant and timeless landscapes of Londolozi that are pulsating with all manner of high action wildlife, beauty, serenity and universal energy.

Londolozi is known across the world as a destination which offers remarkable photographic wildlife opportunities and is the perfect location to chart this new frontier in wildlife specialist photography.


  • A private safari vehicle
  • A professional photographic guide with specialist wildlife knowledge
  • A dedicated ranger and tracker team focused on getting you into the best photographic positions possible
  • Access to the Londolozi Photography Studio for post-processing and editing.  Two small canvasses (24cm x 36cm) are included and extra printing can be done at an additional cost

*The photographic safari experience is limited to four guests per vehicle and a minimum of two nights. Photographic guides should be booked prior to arrival.

“Our objective is to deliver an exceptional engagement with the multi facets of Wild Africa for our guests and to unashamedly use modern technology to help us reach this objective.  Embedded in the plan is a new frontier of learning and individual consciousness as we reveal to guests the intelligence and universal energy of the great African theatre.”