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Land Care

Rewilding since 1970 

Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself. – Chief Seattle


The maintenance of biodiversity and the protection of indigenous land use systems are imperative in the continuation of an enduring conservation development model. For the past three decades we have worked to partner with nature to create a diversity of habitats and animal species. The Sand River, which bisects the Londolozi traversing area, is a precious ecosystem and one that is receiving our close attention. Modern technology and satellite imagery, are now being used by Londolozi to highlight the importance of this river system. We are using its voice for the vigorous protection of the upper catchment areas and wetlands that are vital to the continued health of the Sand River ecosystem. 

“Londolozi” is derived from the Zulu word meaning “Protector of all living things”-  has at its core a sense of universal responsibility, not just to the animals and the land that sustains them but also to all people who call this planet home. 



Londolozi is a large family committed to harmonious village living. All drawn from diverse backgrounds, the Londolozi Family take great pride in honouring the importance of family life. We believe in self-empowerment and that each individual has the potential to become ‘their own liberator’. In this regard, Londolozi provides extensive training programmes and opportunities for personal growth at all levels of the operation. These initiatives allow for continuous succession and incremental advancement for each and every individual within the organisation. Within our village at Londolozi, we have established several modern social and environmental support systems aimed at enhancing the quality of rural life. These include a permanent medical clinic with direct access to consulting doctors able to prescribe the required medicines and provide immediate and advanced medical advice. We also value the role that education plays on individuals; allowing people reach their full potential and enabling them to contribute to society whilst pursuing a prosperous and meaningful life. The provision of world-class education, emotional literacy and digital learning is facilitated through Londolozi and its affiliation with the Good Work Foundation. We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone is provided with basic-level education and the chance to further their studies through a multitude of online, fit-for-purpose teaching modules. As part of our ethos, it is essential to inculcate within our family the importance of financial literacy. In this regard and on a merit basis, Londolozi makes available to its family members micro-loans to enable financial independence and personal advancement.



In solving the complexities of conservation and cultural diversity, we draw from the broad teachings of Africa - a continent which existed for thousands of years with people, nature and wildlife in complete harmony. This is an Africa in which people center around nature and rest upon the abiding philosophy of Ubuntu - "I am because of you, you are because of me and only through our shared experience can we understand our humanity". We have adopted this philosophy and are guided by the rich, ancient heritage of this continent when addressing modern-day conservation challenges, such as: land ownership, social upliftment and neighbour relations. We find our inspiration in family-kinship structures which identify with the historic interconnections between people, ancient wisdom and nature. By trying to understand these links, we seek lasting resolutions and pathways with all stakeholders in pursuit of the protection, regeneration and restoration of our natural heritage. Accordingly, the ancient art of tracking has been preserved and protected for future generations by the establishment of the Tracker Academy, in collaboration with the Peace Parks Foundation. This academy continues to embrace the incredible potential that tracking holds for empowering young people and supports them in graduating from this academy and finding careers within the tourism and safari industry. 

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