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Creating a modern African Village of tomorrow

At Londolozi we recognise that the requirements for the future must be nurtured today. This is the inspiration for the creation of our modern African Village. This futuristic African Village is intended to be a beacon of light and a place where people live in deep harmony with each other and the natural world…a place of belonging… and a place where new systems for living are embraced in an attempt to show the world how we do conservation in Africa. Londolozi is a working example of how technology can be utilised to reduce impact within a wilderness reserve and lower demand on finite resources such as water and energy.

Having the heart to live in harmony with the wildlife around us, we are committed to creating a lodge that is at the forefront of green innovation in its living practice. Hoping to conserve our rich world for generations to come. 

Accordingly, this ethos and philosophy has been written into the Londolozi mandate and implemented across all departments and divisions. This vision is dedicated towards shifting mindsets and embracing a lower impact lifestyle.  We are currently at the forefront of renewable energy including solar energy usage and have the intention of migrating to a full fleet of battery powered safari vehicles, starting in 2020. Our water recycling treatment plant is one of the most advanced systems in the Southern Hemisphere, and by 2020 the lodge will draw up to 80% of its energy requirements from solar.

We are ardently committed to reducing our waste and constantly searching for alternative methods of conducting business on a path to achieving our goal of closed-circuit consumption models in harmony with nature. We believe that Londolozi should become an example of using modern technology to support new systems for living resulting in a lighter footprint on the land.

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