The Londolozi eBook* collection was created to enhance your safari experience before, during and after your visit to Africa. Begin by downloading the FREE Eco-Guide to gain an understanding of the variety of flora and fauna that make up the Londolozi eco-system. If you are a photographer we encourage you to download the Guide to Wildlife Photography which aims to assist you in capturing truly outstanding wildlife photographs. The Junior Big Five Tracker was created specifically for children under the age of 12 and is a useful guide to introducing the famed Big 5 as well as the ancient art of tracking to young safari goers. For Leopard and Lion enthusiasts we have also created an interactive Leopard ID Kit as well as a comprehensive story of the Tsalala Pride, one of Londolozi’s most legendary prides. Lastly if you are interested in finding out more about our 90 year story, we have the Londolozi Journey.

*All ebooks are available for download exclusively through the iBooks App on Apple iPads.