Recommended Tours

Recommended Tours

With an astonishing continent at your doorstep, it is a good idea to make your time at Londolozi part of a larger African holiday. Guests often ask us to recommend unique and luxurious itineraries to other amazing African destinations.

Shan Varty is passionate and knowledgeable about African travel and has crafted an eclectic combination of tours to help you plan your next adventure. Our tours and packages incorporate Cape Town, the Okavango Delta, Chobe, Victoria Falls, Mozambique and the Kalahari.

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As you probably know Cape Town is home to Table Mountain, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of The World. The city is a host to other wonders, from Robben Island to the cascading vineyards of the Cape Winelands.

A safari in The Okavango Delta or Chobe National Park will show you the very best of the wildlife in Botswana. In the Okavango Delta you can have the magical experience of traversing the waterways on a mokoro canoe. There is a rich tapestry of wildlife from hippos to giraffes to antelope to 530 species of bird in one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa. 

Another Wonder of the World, Victoria Falls, lies on the border between Zimbabwe and Zamibia. For anyone wanting to visit Africa, this is an absolute must see. This pairs wonderfully with a visit to Londolozi as it inspires awe in the same vain, granting one a new appreciation for life and the world. 

Alternatively, after a trip to our luxurious game reserve, winding down on the white beaches of Mozambique can be a fantastic addition to your trip. 

Our itineraries are divided into ‘Platinum’ and ‘Gold’ packages and all enquiries received are directed to our preferred tour operators. The two categories accommodate different budgets, with prices reflecting the duration of the tour and the standard of the accommodation. The prices quoted are indicative only and depend on season and availability.


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